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On the bedside table were a couple of his paintbrushes, fresh out of the plastic new and unused. He snatched a thick brush with thin hairs, and started to make his showstopper. He started with her lips, following around her mouth, and after that down her delicate cheek to her neck. He touched the brush to the underside of her bosom, and he observed how London Escorts Agency girl responded. He brushed in circles, the brush tickling her delicately, and she was not able make a move. He brushed her areola, so hard now as he prodded her. Her eyes were shut, appreciating him messing around with her body. He brushed the other areola in a similar manner, and after that drew a line down her stomach. 
He took a thicker paintbrush, and moved to the end of the bed. He pulled her legs separated, and London Escorts Agency girl lay there with her feet level on the bed, legs spread wide, and her pussy presented to him. He brushed the inner parts of her thigh, down to her groin, and he brushed along the folds of her pussy. 
London Escorts Agency girl could barely get it. Beside being so unfathomably horny, needing nothing other than to be fucked, beat so hard, to cum, and be discharged of her pressure, she was confounded. London Escorts Agency girl anticipated that him would give her wild bestial sex, and here he was prodding her. Bound to the bed, everything she could do was take in the sentiment the paintbrush between her legs. 
On one side of her pussy he ran the paintbrush, on alternate, his finger. He followed her opening, taking consideration to keep from entering her, getting a charge out of watching her squirm as he touched her. London Escorts Agency girl made little squeaks and groans with each line he followed on her. He touched the paintbrush to her engorged clit, and she bounced a bit, and he brushed around in little circles. 
London Escorts Agency girl was so anxious; the paintbrush on her clit was making her totally crazy, similar to his fingers still simply touching her pussy. London Escorts Agency girl saw him tinker with the paintbrush for a minute, and she pondered what he was doing. At that point she heard a murmuring clamor, and he touched the flip side of the brush to the pearl between her legs afresh. London Escorts Agency girl could barely think as vibrations starting from her clit surged through her, and all through her body. Her legs quickly needed to close, however he kept them open, and he continued holding the brush vibrator on her clit, driving her closer and nearer to climax. 
He could tell she was close, and he moved the vibrator off her clit, and followed around her opening afresh. London Escorts Agency girl was dribbling wet, thus hot, she implored him to let her cum, however he would not permit it. He took the brush away and set it on the floor. He kissed down her thigh from her knee, and afterward followed around her pussy with his tongue. 
Her head about-faced, as he kissed her directly between her legs. Delicately he started to lick around her pussy, tasting her juices on his tongue. He licked around the outside still, and watched her bosom rise and fall with each touch of his tongue on her pussy. He gradually followed around her glow with his fingers, and after that gradually crawled one finger in, and just kept it in sufficiently long to get her wetness on his fingers.